The following are sample oral questions that you could be ask


“This is not an official source of information.  Always contact your local FAA office for official information!”



A piece of sheet metal is bent to a certain radius. The curvature of the bend is referred to as the?


Why is it generally necessary to jack an aircraft indoors for weighing?


Type Certificate Data Sheets are issued for what products?


How long are AD compliance records required to be kept?


On a Lycoming Engine the Model is IO-360A1A what does the IO stand for?


The abbreviations ICA stands for what?


What FAA document do you find Certification Basis for a certain aircraft?


What FAA Advisory Circular tells you about Acceptable Methods , Techniques and Practices?


The abbreviations A.D. stands for what?


What kind of aircraft can an A&P do an Annual Condition Inspection and return it to service?


You need to know what the baggage capacity of an aircraft is, where is this information found?

What are the three (3) types of welding?


The term TIG welding, what does TIG stand for?


The yellow dot on a tire means what to you?


Which is stronger a laminated wood spar or a solid wood spar?


What is the part number for general aircraft hydraulic fluid and what color is it

Is there such a thing as an A&P licenses?


What in your words does a FAA Field Approval mean.


When you move the magneto switch to LEFT what mag are you checking and what is actually happening.


What is a FAA Form 337 used for?


What is the purpose of an impulse on a magneto?


Can you overhaul a compass if you have an overhaul kit?


What is a differential compression check on an engine?


After completing a major repair and you have completed the FAA Form 337 can you as an A&P approve and return the aircraft to service on signature block 7 on the FAA Form 337?


Can you use the web site for all you research of A.D.’s


How long must you work in the aviation field before you qualify for an I.A.?


When should you revise the Weight and Balance on an aircraft?


If you change the oil on and aircraft engine and install a new oil filter, are you required to open up the removed oil filter?  Why?


What is the difference between a 100 hour inspection and an Annual inspection?


What do you do with a completed FAA Form 337?


Who is responsible for the airworthiness of an aircraft?


What does FAA PMA mean?


You as an A&P are required to use a checklist when doing a 100 hour inspection on an aircraft, where can you find this list of things you must inspect?


During a differential compression check on an engine you can here air coming from the exhaust, what does this mean to you?